CQ WW CW 2017 K2AX

Impressive antenna farm at K2AX.

Bird roost on the antennas

Antenna rotater controls

Many thanks again to Mark O’Brien (K2AX), his wife Donna, and his family for their hospitality and patience hosting this all-FRC group at their home. This was an all-around team effort. We operated around-the-clock for all 48 hours. There is no single hour in the log where we made zero contacts, and only one hour where one of the stations was “dark” in the middle of the second night. While we found it difficult to generate runs at certain times, there were others where things really took off. At some point, each one of us would shout out: “I just got !” so everyone got some excitement working unusual and difficult DX. We had zero equipment failures and no serious problems. However, one of the Windows 7 computers insisted on installing updates and rebooting itself, luckily at a slow point anyway and it only took a couple minutes. This more than doubles the K2AX CQ WW SSB score from last month. We didn’t set any records with this but hopefully it helps the overall club total. To all of the K2AX/FRC team, thank you for the hard work, support and cooperation. Go FRC! Comment NE2D

Summary: Compare Scores
Band QSOs Zones Countries
160: 80 12 40
80: 284 19 77
40: 675 32 117
20: 1497 33 125
15: 696 25 107
10: 29 7 9
Total: 3261 128 475 Total Score 5,515,038

Operators: AK2S KD2HE KE2D N2RM N3RG NP4H NY3B



Field Day 2016 TARC the sky is too blue


Not the best of conditions but we had lots of fun.

Field Day 2016 VE3TNC


Here's the Toronto Amateur Radio group at the end of Field Day 2016.
Perfect weather.

RAC Canada Day Contest 2016

RAC Summary Sheet

Start Date : 2016-07-01

CallSign Used : VE3HEU
Operator(s) : VE3HEU

Operator Category : SINGLE-OP-ASSISTED
Band : 20M
Power : LOW
Mode : CW
Default Exchange : ON
Gridsquare : FN03hp

Name : Victor

ARRL Section : ON
Club/Team :  CCO
Software : N1MM Logger+ 1.0.5763.0

Band     QSOs     Pts  Sec
14     101     592    9
Total     101     592    9

Score : 5,328

I have observed all competition rules as well as all regulations
established for amateur radio in my country. My report is
correct and true to the best of my knowledge. I agree to be
bound by the decisions of the Contest Committee.

Date : 2016-07-01        Signature :

VE3TNC Field Day 2016 TARC


Field Day at TARC Peferlaw Ontario VE3TNC

CWops Mini Test

CWOPS Summary Sheet

Start Date : 2016-06-15

CallSign Used : VE3HEU

Operator Category : SINGLE-OP-ASSISTED
Band : 20M
Power : LOW
Mode : CW
Default Exchange : Vic
Gridsquare : FN03hp

Name : Victor
Address : Carnuccio

ARRL Section : GTA
Club/Team :
Software : N1MM Logger+ 1.0.5738.0

Band     QSOs     Pts  Mlt
14      21      21   21
Total      21      21   21

Score : 441
Rig : Icom 756-proIII

Antennas : Hustler mobile whip

Soapbox : First time in this contest. Looking forward to entering again.


CQWPXCW Summary Sheet

Start Date : 2016-05-28

CallSign Used : VE3HEU
Operator(s) : VE3HEU

Operator Category : SINGLE-OP
Assisted Category : ASSISTED
Band : 20M
Power : LOW
Mode : CW
Default Exchange : #
Gridsquare : FN03hp

ARRL Section : GTA
Club/Team :  Contest Club Ontario
Software : N1MM Logger+ 1.0.5707.0

Band     QSOs     Pts  WPX
14        261     582  208
Total     261     582  208

Score : 121,056
Rig : Icom 756 Pro III

Antennas : Hustler Mobile Whip

Soapbox : Great to be back after a brief absence. Conditions were good. First time with OCC.

Lighthouse drama

SK Garry Shandling ex-KD6OY


Shandling won five Emmy Awards — three for “The Larry Sanders Show” — as well as other awards for his writing and comedy performances. As a writer, he may be best known for his work on episodes of “Sanford and Son,” “Welcome Back, Kotter,” and “The Harvey Korman Show.” He won two Peabody Awards. He also appeared in a variety of movies, including “Iron Man 2.

Dream QTH


Ross Perot’s Place in Bermuda.