ARRL ss cw 2012

SSCW Score Summary Sheet

Start Date : 2012-11-03

CallSign Used : KD2HE/VE3
Operator(s) : KD2HE/VE3

Operator Category : SINGLE-OP
Band : ALL
Power : HIGH
Mode : CW
Default Exchange : A 63 GTA
Gridsquare : FN03HP

Name : Victor Carnuccio
Address : 375 King Street West
City/State/Zip : Toronto ON M5V 1K5
Country : Canada

ARRL Section : ON
Club/Team :
Software : N1MM Logger V12.10.3

Band QSOs Pts Sec
7 147 294 46
21 65 130 22
Total 212 424 68
Score : 28,832
Rig :

Antennas : Hustler Mobile Whip up 250 feet mounted horizontally.

Soapbox : Conditions were great here.  I need to upgrade my call to VE3.  Seems there are more repeats with this /VE3 call.

2 Responses to “ARRL ss cw 2012”

  1. Nice score for a mobile whip off the balcony… Guessing that 20+ floors up helps….

    BTW your new RAC/ARRL Section would be GTA as the Ontario Section (ON) split into 4 sections…
    Ontario South (ONS)
    Ontario North (ONN)
    Ontario East (ONE)
    Greater Toronto Area (GTA)


  2. Thanks for the comment. Yest the antenna is quite effective at that height.
    Sorry for the delay in answering this comment. I have been busy studying
    for the Industry Canada call sign. I am now VE3HEU.


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