Cabin fever setting in and the new audiophile passion

There’s nothing like a little diversion when cabin fever sets in to take ones mind of the cold winter temperatures. This winter has been an exceptionally brutal one with tons of snow to plow through. So I moved my interest toward audio in order to  listen to music the way it should be listened to with a Boise 5.1 channel sound system, an upgraded dvd player that plays DVD-Audio and a collection of surround sound music.  I’ve upgraded my collection to include  Pink Floyd, the Doors, Porcupine Tree, R.E.M, Roadrunner, T.Rex, Led Zeppelin, The Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Flaming Lips as well as others. Most surround sound collections are live performances. The sound is amazing.

So after meandering around software packages to convert and bun the disks and purchasing a Pioneer DV-45A to play them on, I am sailing though music software to be able to burn some disks.  hThere are lots of bells and whistles on the new system that make it somewhat problematic figuring out however once everything is adjusted it sounds great.

I have been spending more time on 40 meter CW and 80 Meter SSB lately rag shewing with friends up in the Northeast and have been recently getting up early to meet with a group at 5:30 am on 80 meter SSB over a cup of coffee and breakfast. The group is quite fun to chat with despite the early hour. The sun is often not up at that time here in New York City as the seasons change daybreak will be earlier.

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