Stealth Balcony Mounted Mobile Antenna

condo antenna

The antenna is a Hustler Mobile whip mounted on a 45 degree angle on the railing of my balcony on the 10th floor. There is no need for radials as the building is concrete with metal framing.  Assuming that the radiation pattern is directly effected by the Vee  shape of the structure facing north west in theory the signal should be several db stronger in the direction of the Vee.  I have been receiving great reports from station in the favorable direction running only 70 watts. The antenna is fed with a 25 foot length of coax leading into the shack.

As you can see in the actual photograph of the building the antenna is low profile in fact is does not show in the photo.  I am currently active on 17 meters mainly until warmer weather so that I can change the resonating coil to other bands.

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