WN2MOQ from the ancient archives

My Uncle helped build the 6AG7 oscillator that put out about 7 watts on 7 and 3.5 Mhz.  Taken shortly after passing the Novice exam.  The old Polaroid was a little scratched. Photoshop helped it up a little.


CQ Worldwide DX Contest, CW Call: K9RS Operator(s): N3DXX, KD2HE, K9RS Station: K9RS Class: M/S HP QTH: PA Operating Time (hrs): 45 Summary: Band   QSOs   Zones   Countries 160:    77      18         66 80:     465     26        108 40:     801     35        123 20:     1464   34        […]

Keeping my contesting techniques up to snuff

I joined the Frankford Radio Club when I was 13 years old back in the 60’s. Most of my contesting was at WA2BLV’s station not far from where I lived. I recently became an active member. It’s been a privilege to operate at some of the members world class stations.